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Από το δάσος στα πριστήρια και τα ξυλουργεία

VOVOUSA| From the forest to the sawmills and carpentry workshops 

completed project


location: Vovousa, Zagori, Epirus

date: 17/07/2019 - 20/07/2019

tutors: Alekos Drougias (head-tutor carpenter), Zissis Dimou (carpenter),  Charalampos Dimou (carpenter), Stergios Nakkas (carpenter), Christos Varsanis (carpenter), Yiannis Dimou (logger),Thanassis Stangoyiannis (logger),  Michalis Vassiotis (logger) 

co-organisers: Vovousa Festival

support: Region of Epirus, Municipality of Zagori, Vovousa Cultural Foundation, Administrative Board of the Northern Pindos National Park Management Agency, Protect Aoos

photography: George Detsis, Anna Lagaria 

During Vovousa Festival 2019, Boulouki was invited to organize a workshop dedicated to the local tradition of logging and carpentry in the village of Vovousa, Zagori. 

Wandering between the nearby forest, the local carpentry workshops and the riverside settlement, accompanied by fifteen participants, a group of local craftspeople and forester Nikos Kanellopoulos, we explored the aspects of wood as a living organism and a building material, a local economic resource and a cultural symbol. The idea behind this four-day program was to provide a spherical understanding of working with wood, as a complex cultural process both in theory and practice. 

During the first day we focused on the craft of traditional logging and the meanings of sustainable forest management; while the rest of the days were dedicated to the practice of woodworking with the use of traditional handtools alongside local carpenters, and to wood conservation techniques under the guidance of conservation scientist Dimitris Tsipotas. By the end of the workshop, we delivered a double wooden door that we designed and constructed for the local open air Water Power Museum, as requested by the community.


Vovousa 8 George Detsis.JPG
Boulouki Team [Workshop] - 2019
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