FRASTA SCHOOL | Οn Traditional Building Techniques

completed project


location: Frasta, Tzoumerka, Epirus

date: 03/09/2022 - 16/09/2022

co-organizers: Municipality of Central Tzoumerka, Technical Chamber of Greece Epirus Department

support and aegis:  Ministry of Culture and Sports, J.M. Kaplan fund 

photography: Αthanasios Aggelis Archive, Grigoris Koutropoulos (BLK)

Boulouki returns to the region of Tzoumerka, to the Former Primary School of Frasta in Central Tzoumerka, after three years of research, restoration projects, workshops and activities with the local community. 


The team is developing its base in Epirus starting with a 14-day workshop dedicated to hands-on practice on traditional materials and building techniques, as well as introductory fieldwork on cultural mapping and ethnographic research. To better understand technical and theoretical aspects regarding vernacular architecture, the educational program includes lectures by scholars, researchers and our team, discussions and excursions. 


Hands-on workshop

The practical part of the workshop focuses on the restoration of the former primary school in the village of Frasta, next to the area of Plaka, which has hosted most of the group's projects in Epirus. A series of restoration works and new constructions will be carried out so that the 1955’s -not in use for decades- building will revive as a hub for educational activities, the establishment of an archive about traditional building techniques, as well as other initiatives with the aim to understand and promote the cultural heritage of Epirus, Greece and the Balkans. 


For the period 3 - 16 September 2022, from Monday to Friday, experienced craftspeople will guide participants through the following tasks:

  • restoration of dry stone retaining walls in the school yard

  • repointing of external masonry (preparation and application of lime-based mortars)

  • maintenance and protection of wooden elements (frames and cabinets) 

  • construction of a new entrance gate (combination of wood, stone and lime-based mortar)


Deterioration issues of the main local stones (sandstones, limestones), as well as methods for their consolidation and protection will be discussed on the field. Demonstrations of the application and evaluation of raw materials on the field, stone quarrying and use of tools will, also, take place.

In parallel

During afternoons and weekends, we will approach cultural mapping and practices of ethnographic research, and will try to understand and apply useful theoretical, methodological and practical tools. Through excursions, lectures, and open discussions, we will initiate a process of identifying and mapping cultural elements along routes and sites in the area. 

  • In the first week, an introduction to theoretical and methodological basics of ethnography will be provided with an emphasis on interview as a tool of research. 

  • In the second week, we will develop a multifocal archive on the history and architecture of the school, using visual media (photography, drawings),.

On the occasion of the workshop two French teams from the cultural heritage sector will join us,  Acta Vista and Compagnons du devoir.


Important dates and information

The workshop is addressed to students and professionals from the fields of architecture, archaeology, ethnography, visual arts and in general to researchers, professionals and non-specialists involved with traditional building techniques. There are 18 places available.


Application deadline: July 8, 2022

Notification of acceptance: July 12, 2022

Workshop dates: September 3 - 16, 2022

Location: Frasta, Central Tzoumerka, Epirus, Greece


Participation Cost:

500 EUR - accommodation in twin-bedded rooms with breakfast included

250 EUR - accommodation in the camping with breakfast included

50 EUR - for permanent residents in the municipalities of Central and North Tzoumerka (accommodation is not included)


Τhe cost includes participation fee, a snack provided during the workshop, provision of tools and educational material, civil liability insurance, transports within the programme and the accommodation for 15 nights in Tzoumerka (arrival on Friday 02.09.2022 and departure on Saturday 17.09.2022). Travel expenses to and from Frasta and all other personal expenses are covered solely by the participants.